Business Technology Costs…..

Usually I post and reference an online service of ours or a vendor of ours.  This post is different. Please read on.

Do you feel that you are paying too much for technology support/hardware maintenance? Do you even know how much per month your business spends on technology?  It's easy to just pay the bills and continue on.  We have all done that.  There is a way to get a handle on things and know what all of the costs are.

When The High Tech Solution (HTS - performs a Free Technology Assessment at a business, there are 3 things we look for right out of the gate.  First off, are there any huge issues that need to be tended or pointed out immediately.  The next thing we like to look at is if the business is following the industry standard "Technology Best Practices", of which we present to all prospective clients.  The last one is "Cost Savings".  We look at everything.  Are you leasing equipment that you should buy.  Are you paying double or triple for your internet access.  Are your business phones costing just too much.  We explore all the options.  We look at all of your technology bills.  One of our goals is to start saving your business money on Day 1 and to provide a better support experience moving forward.  Please consider The High Tech Solution for your next Technology project! Thank you for your time.

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