Business Services


Our business services range from planning and purchasing to support and maintenance of all your business technologies.

With a wide range of support packages: Monthly support, hourly support and project based services, The High Tech Solution has the right business service for you.

Home Services


Our home services cover all your home technologies needs. From creating a wireless network to installing your first PC underneath the family big screen. We will solve all technology issues in the home.


Featured Services


The "Online Presence" Service

The Online Presence Service consists of 3 items:

1) Purchase of your company name from a Domain Registrar.

2) Setup and configure of your public website and customized company email.

3) Registration of your company with the "Big 3" - Social Networks


The Data Backup - Disaster Recovery and Data Forensics Services

The Data Backup Service:

1) Centralizing data to a server or shared network storage device

2) Nightly backup of this data

3) Online Backup or data retention with offsite service (service by Gillware, Inc.)


Data Forensics Services:

1) Intrusion protection and detection services (IPS / IDS)

2) File Search Forensics and Data Investigation Services

3) IT Vulnerability scanning and remediation services


The Picture Backup Solution - Home Service

Digital Pictures are usually the most treasured data, on the current day home computer's hard drive. With this solution, we will go over the different backup solutions for the home computer, that will fit anyone's budget. (services by Gillware, Inc.)



Services List

  • Technology planning and purchasing
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Local Area Network (LAN) setup/configuration/maintenance
  • Wide Area Netwoek (WAN) setup/configuration/maintenance
  • Workstation setup/support/maintenance
  • Server setup/support/maintenance
  • Server backup/disaster recovery
  • Basic Data Recovery
  • Data Forensics Services
  • Advanced Data Recovery(Gillware Inc.)
  • Domain purchase/setup
  • Personalized email domain setup
  • Company/Personal website setup
  • Minor server/workstation repair (out of warranty work)
  • Printer/Multi-Function setup/configure
  • All application support

Please contact The High Tech Solution, if you do not see the service you need listed.



Hard Drive Data Recovery Service - Gillware, Inc.

If The High Tech Solution cannot recover your data, the hard drive(s) can be sent off to Gillware, Inc. for further evaluation. Our trained experts are ready to help you in the event that you lose data from your hard drive. The first step is for our trained professionals to evaluate the potential causes for drive failure. We are sure to avoid any action that would put your data at further risk. Often, we are able to solve the issue that made the data inaccessible. When the hard drive has damage to its internal parts, such as the drive motor or the headstack assembly, we refer the case to Gillware Inc., a highly regarded data recovery lab. Engineers at Gillware will evaluate your drive and will estimate the cost of the recovery based on whether clean room work will be necessary, as well as other factors. Gillware does not charge any fee unless you are satisfied with the recovered data, which you will be able to verify in advance. Data losses are hard to take, and we're here to give you the best professional service possible.