What We Do

The High Tech Solution provides solutions for all different types of businesses. We implement the right technology for your business. We will support your LAN/WAN (local area network/wide area network), your workstations, your servers, your printers, your business applications, your data and more.

Why The High Tech Solution?

Simply stated, we are bringing enterprise, real business experience and knowledge to YOUR business.

In doing this, we will bring your company to the next level, while keeping in line your specific business needs.

Company Profile

July of 2011, was the beginning of The High Tech Solution and the beginning of a new era of small business technology support.

Jeff Chochola, the CTO of The High Tech Solution, brings 15+ years of industry experience directly to you and your business. Experience ranging from small to global size companies, he has the experience to make the difference in your business.

Jeff Chochola - Handbill/Sell Sheet


The HTS (the High Tech Solution) was created on the idea of bringing big business knowledge and practices, to the small business, in a cost efficient manner.

Let The High Tech Solution be your One Stop for Solutions!


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